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Thank you for stopping by our website. Your interest in our veterans and possibly helping our non-profit organization accomplish our goals is very much appreciated. In order to engage our veterans in programs, project and education we need your help. More

About us

We are a group of veterans providing support for our veteran brothers and sisters needing help.

Our group of helping veterans are volunteers and receive no compensation. The funds we raise are used for facility, materials and direct financial assistance cost. Our staff are veterans who want to help.


Our mission

Veterans Helping Veterans - Providing Help When Others Fail.

Veterans providing support to fellow Veterans and their families by engaging them in programs,
projects and education. We are a group of veterans that have been through the system and what to help fellow veterans deal with the frustrating issues they will face when trying to get help from the many government and private agencies.


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Please Donate To Help Us Build Our Programs and Projects.

Our fund raising goal is the be able to fund our programs and projects. We also want our donors help us promote our cause. Read more about your FREE marketing gift on our donation page.



Our veterans Newspaper

MAY 1, 2016

Love Your Vets Publishes Newspaper
The Oroville, California "Digger Newspaper" has been replaced, with the help of some of our veterans and volunteers to publish "The Veteran News & Shopper"

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veterans fund-raising & marketing project

Donated 1953 3100 & 3600 Chevrolet Pickup Projects

Many of our helping veterans are car people and have a great deal of experience in automotive care and restoration. They are using their experience to engage PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) veterans by restoring two donated 1953 Chevrolet Pickups. This project will take approximately two years. The project will help many veterans deal with their PTSD by working with veterans that suffer from PTSD but have more experience managing the condition day to day.